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1:1 fitness coaching



we work closely and collaboratively to ensure you gain physical strength in a way that feels good

through a progressive and individualized strength training program, you build and better your relationship with fitness

we're in contact regularly to make sure you're moving in the right direction, and over time you learn to become your own fitness coach

your program is delivered to you through an app on your phone, and we have weekly 20-minute video or phone call check-ins

1:1 coaching could be for you if:

you're a beginner to strength training or you're beginning again;

you'd love to use strength training to support your favorite activities;

you're ready for a sustainable approach with a program created and progressed specifically for you;

you'd love high levels of support and communication from your coach

investment: $299/month, with a 3-month minimum commitment

let's chat coaching

"i don’t think i’ve ever felt as relaxed and happy about working out as i do now. i also love chatting with sara weekly…she gives so generously of her wisdom and inherent kindness. she’s right there with me as i try to stay on the path leading to loving my body for its strength and what it can do, not because it looks a certain way"

Paige, fitness coaching client

"i've always thought training would be very negative (things i didn't do, the way my body doesn't look - basically punishment focused) but training with you felt so nourishing physically and mentally"

Ali, fitness coaching client

"in a world with so much negativity and stress, everyone needs a sara to keep them grounded, encourage them to move, and uplift them in every aspect of life"

Hannah, fitness coaching client

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